About Us

Inhalt Wealth PTY LTD is a black-owned Wealth Management and Advisory business. Inhalt Wealth PTY LTD takes pride in what it has to offer by offering “A” class Wealth creation to the company`s clients.

Inhalt Wealth PTY LTD is not planning to be locked into an exclusive contract with one company. By being an independent entity, the company is allowed to provide unbiased financial advice and efficient wealth creation to our clients. Inhalt Wealth PTY LTD feels that it has the drive, the passion, and what it takes to be the first choice for present and future client needs.

The company offers personal service and by employing licensed advisers and customer service representatives.


  1. To be at the forefront of wealth creation and financial planning for society and its businesses
  2. To be 1st financial consultant of choice whenever services of personal finance and business finance are a concern.
  3. Become an enabler of financial solutions and reliable manager of wealth for all.


To consolidate a leading position in the financial and intermediary services sector, through the best service and professional business practice based on innovative strategies, a market-driven adaptation of service uniquely suited to our origins and circumstances and lead through excellence.