Institutional Investments

Investment Consulting

This is a specialized niche in finance and investing which involves providing investment advice within regulatory parameters to retirement fund vehicles. This involves looking at what these retirement funds are invested in, and what they should be invested in.

One of the requirements for Board Trustees is to ensure that they can fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities with due care, skill, and diligence as per the Pension Funds Act and the Code of Good Governance Principles of PF 130 –Principle 3 “Board Orientation and Education.” Trustees, therefore, need to be trained, educated, and provided with the necessary skills. We stretch our offering in the interest of stakeholders by providing this service to both Trustees and Members. This makes them knowledge­able in an ever-dynamic industry.

Performance reporting

Investment reports written by various Asset Managers have different investment philosophies and investment reporting habits, some of which are in line with the Global Investment Performance Standards – GIPS. We assist in the simplification of those reports by eliminating unnecessary jargon and ensuring that the reports are easily understandable to the ordinary man on the street.

Asset and Liability Modelling

We provide a model that assists Trustees in ensuring that their members can retire comfortably.

Implemented Consulting

This is our consulting approach whereas industry experts assist the Board of Trustees in implementing solutions.