Retirement Planning

Compulsory Investments

Preservation Fund

Are you leaving your employer’s fund? You can transfer your pension or provident fund benefit to a preservation fund. No tax is payable on the transfer. This provides you with the benefit of investing in the underlying investment options of your choice.

Retirement Annuity

A retirement annuity is also a very tax-efficient way to save for retirement. If you are self-employed or do not have a retirement fund, you can make contributions to a retirement annuity. Speak to our wealth managers to discuss your specific requirements and objectives.

Living and Life Annuities

Did you know that you can use your pension benefits at retirement to purchase a life/ living annuity and receive a regular income? The suitability of each product depends entirely on your circumstances and investment needs. Our capable wealth managers can help you understand which product is most suitable for you.

Offshore Investments

Due to the need to diversify investments globally, we have access to international platforms that help us create globally diversified portfolios. The perfor­mance on these portfolios is consistent with our local philosophy of investing in funds with a long-term track record of investing in undervalued securities and outperforming the market over the long run.